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This is a few of our favorite flash games you'll find in our collection on SESS.NET
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Bloody Rage-Flash Game

Take STREET FIGHTER - and MORTAL KOMBAT - put them together - you might get this flash game!!!!!!

2D KO Boxing Game

Play the original SESS.NET classic boxing game - become the golden glove you always knew you could be!!!


Yes it's the original SESS.NET classic basketball game. Just Press One button to become a basketball master!!!

Matrix Fighter Game

Enjoy this minigame I made for you all to play and blast things! This flash game has high scores!!

Homerun Rally

Try to hit as many Homeruns as you can! You have 50 tries. This baseball game is pretty funny!!!

Shuriken Assault

You may remember a similiar bonus game in Shinobi Part 1. Throw those stars NINJA!!!

3D Car Driver game

A simple 3D Flash Car game - made by SESS.NET. How much money can you get game???

Alien Invasion Two

This is part two of the infamous SESS.NET game. Now you are playing with power!!!


Can you master the ways of the DIGININJA & defeat the enemy clan in this RPG game remake?

Mosquito Blaster

A simple but fun flash game where you Blast away all the nasty Mosquitoes!!

Bugz!-Flash Game

Play a crazy cockaroach scrambling for ood. How long can you survive? A cool kid game.

Watch Out!

Protect yourself against the torrent of boulders crashing down on you! A Simple Flash Game.

Monster Poolside Sumo

Play this cool Sumo game! Belly Bump your way to stardom!


Dr Mario had a baby with Space Invaders and this is it...

Pencak Silat ver 2.1

Martial arts fighting game taken in the dawn of 20th century..

PGX Snowboarding

PGX Snowboarding game is a fun snowboarding flash game!!!

NES Gamesplit RPG

An awesome Flash RPG where you must adventure, encounter and discover many things.

Bomb Jack

Who can remember this Golden Oldie... An awesome remake in flash! Play it free online!

Super Hacky Sack

Here's a new version of the hacky sack flash game that you can play with the mouse.

Bandit Kings

The 2 Kings steal to fill their castles with gold! Attack caravan..

Artifact Catcher

A devastating earthquake is rocking the museum!

Tactics Core Demo

Strategy RPG built using the Tactics Core Engine..

Megaman - Project X

A single level recreation of classic Megaman X gameplay.

Megaman - Time Trial

Play as Bass, Megaman, or Zero and compete to get the best time.

Ronin - Flash Game

An action/RPG game featuring a unique sword combat system!

Tank Wars

The traditional "shoot the other tank" game, made with Flash!

Goo Slasher

Hack 'n' Slash blobs of slime and save the forest!

Mini Chopper

Fly the mighty Mini-Chopper !!! Flash Helicopter game!

Shark Attack!

Make your way to the mainland! Watch out for that hungry shark!

Moth Killer

You are a kitty! And you like slaughtering Moths! FUN!

Starship Legend

Defend the galaxy from evil- but watch your own butt too!..

Miniputt 3

36 holes of hot, mini-golf action! 'nuff said.

Worm Warrior

An armada of little worms are threatening the meat! Save it from ..

Clubby The Seal

Clubby The Seal is on a mission of mindless revenge!!!

Bomb Droid

This is a great clone of Bomberman - with bigger maps - and more stuff!!!

Alloy: Arena

Awesome shooting/fighting game! Better than viagra!

Mini Putt 2

Awesome and well made Golf game - stay entertained.

Etherena Beta

Action-packed Fighting game for 1-2 players. Many cool attacks!

Sonic Boom Town

Drive at speed through the city streets and destroy buildings.


Play the old "Asteroid" in new and extravagant layout.

ultimate flash sonic

The best Sonic game so far (thats why its called "ultimate").


Awesome shooting/fighting game!! Better than prescription drugs!!!


This is a real cool Kirby game!!!

Mini Putt

The classic Flash mini Golf! A full 18 holes of putt-tastic fun...

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